turnkey bitcoin mining containerIn the cryptocurrency world, miners are those who use their computers to generate digital currency. It is a process that requires a lot of electricity and hardware resources, so these individuals set up large computer farms with specialized equipment and high-powered systems.

But mining farms can be set up anywhere, even in a shipping container. That’s how Bitcoin Mining Container made its mark: by offering containerized cryptocurrency mining solutions to individuals and organizations. The pods have the following features;

turnkey Bitcoin miningBitcoin Mining Container Power Distribution

Bitcoin mining is a resource-heavy process, and having a lot of electricity costs a lot of money. Each pod is equipped with a 20 Amp circuit, It can power up to four mining machines at once. That’s the good part: the bad part is that there isn’t any kind of management system. You need to pay your electricity bill and schedule maintenance visits on your own.

Bitcoin Mining Container Air Intake System

In the bitcoin mining containers, there is a system to drain the heat from all the machines. The air intake fan takes in air from the outside and cools it down before blowing it back into the pod. The whole ventilation system can be customized, so one could add a dust filter or a carbon filter to remove any undesirable smells.  Learn more at their website or contact BitcoinMiningContainer.com

Power Configuration

Just like any other computer, the Bitcoin mining containers can also be configured by installing various components. The power supply has to be reliable and efficient: otherwise, the mining machines could overheat and malfunction. A input voltage of 415-380 Volts with 5-Wire setups is provided. This is meant to achieve high power of mining devices.

Bitcoin Mining Container Cooling System

As the cryptocurrency containers are so densely packed with machines, a lot of heat is generated. The air intake system helps keep the temperature low. In order to keep it from overheating, there is a fan to cool down the air flowing into the container. There’s also a powerful exhaust fan that pushes all heated air out of the pod and outside of the room. It also has a carbon filter that removes any unwanted odors from the air before it is blown back into the space.