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Turnkey Bitcoin Mining

Anyone that is looking to get into Bitcoin mining will want to look for one of the many turnkey bitcoin mining solutions available. With a partner network provided by our company, clients can take full advantage of making an income by mining for bitcoin. Our clients can choose between fully managed mining that is run through the ASIC buy/host packages, the 1MW+fully turnkey Bitcoin mining farms, containers and Turnkey managed colocation.

The following options are what clients can use whenever they are looking for an ideal bitcoin mining solution:

  1. Fully Managed Bitcoin Mining – Instead of buying miners and hosting services, fully managed BTC mining provides clients with a guaranteed Bitcoin terahash for three full years. During this time, Bitcoin will be delivered on a daily basis to the client’s BTC wallet. As a 100% turnkey solution, clients will not have to worry about finding the best miner, mining pool or hosting service. With this solution, clients will not have to worry about any downtime with the hosting as well. They will also be able to avoid issues with the warranty or faulty or broken miners. Clients can now get up to 100,000 terahash fully managed packages in order to take full advantage of turnkey Bitcoin mining.
  2. ASIC Miner Buy/Host Packages – Any clients who are looking to own miners for their Bitcoin mining will have the opportunity to take advantage of hosting suppliers. These suppliers can sell them miners and install them in the mining facility for a low monthly fee. When using this option, clients are able to connect to the pool of miners and connect with them directly in order to get started. While some mining experience is helpful, it is not necessary for clients who are looking to mine through the ASIC miner buy host packages. The current monthly rate is $19.
  3. 1MW + Turnkey Mining Containers – You can purchase a new Bitcoin mining container with the latest generation of Bitcoin miners. These containers can be stored in a safe location where the cost of electricity is low. The containers can be used in states such as Missouri, Texas, Pennsylvania and Calgary Alberta Canada. Since mining locations and availability change often, clients will benefit by using one of the miner management plans that they can get upon turnkey bitcoin mining containerThe estimated pricing for these 1MW Turnkey Mining Containers are as follows:MW Container can hold 300 next generation BTC miners and costs $15,000300 S19 Pro Miners $2,850,000 with $9,500 per miner at Miners For Sale.  Monthly Managed OPEX Cost $41,472 which is 300 miners times .06 cents for 24 hours per day and 30 days per month throughout the year.
  4. Turnkey Managed Colocation – This package requires that the client have their own next generation miners and is shipped to a managed collocation facility. With this option, the host will need to install each of the miners and get the client connected. The host will provide all of the necessary services remotely as well as support for repairs and maintenance. The prices for collocation range from 7.5 to 9.9 cents for each kwh’

To learn more about these turnkey Bitcoin mining solutions, contact us or our broker QuoteColo today.

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